town planning services


Town Planning; from concept to decision

So you have a property and you've been researching what the potential is and now you are completely confused? Or maybe you want to lease a new warehouse for your business but the agent is saying one thing and Council another? It's time to ask for help.

At Tapir Design we have a range of planning and design services to assist your project; no matter how small or large. The preparation and management of a planning application is a complex process and one that can become confusing and stressful. Our aim is to ensure that you are stress-free and we handle all Council correspondence so that you can relax knowing that your project is in safe hands. 

Our town planning services:

* General planning advice 

* Pre-purchase advice
* Concept and design of your project to your vision, not ours!
* Architectural drawings for town planning submissions
* Review and feedback on third party architectural plans
* Guiding notes to architects, designers and draftspeople
* Pre-application meetings
* Residential planning reports (Section 54, 55, 56 and 58)
* Commercial, retail, industrial change of use applications
* Further information advice
* Planning application preparation, lodgement and management
* Post decision advice
* Mediation at Council to work out a positive outcome 

Application Management

Once your application is lodged to Council there are a number of steps in the process and it is important to ensure close management throughout.  We offer a weekly update of your application's progress so you don't have to worry about where it's at and what needs to happen next.  We explain the process clearly and thoroughly so there is no confusion and we are honest when we feel your application will be a challenge.  This clear communication is important to us as is ensuring clarity through the process.

Free Consultation

Planning is confusing and complex and therefore we offer a free meeting to discuss your project.  Meetings are no obligation and available by appointment.  Get in touch today to organise an informal chat.