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Our Team


Mark // Building Designer

Mark is highly skilled with experience and qualifications in building design and construction.  Mark is able to take a client brief and add architectural value to it to create something timeless and classic.  He is an excellent communicator with clients and well versed in planning regulations ensuring compliance is considered through the design process.  

Alex // Building Designer

Alex is a very new member of the team but has made a huge impact already.  With an incredible eye for detail, great communication with clients and a very efficient process, Alex is skilled in residential design and producing thorough planning drawings.  

Shaun // Building Designer

Shaun joined the team while in his final year of a Masters of Architecture.  Not only does Shaun have an interest in quality residential design but he also produced all of the architectural renders on our website.  Having this skill in-house is a huge asset and allows clients to see their projects come to life.


Nicci Foster // Planning Consultant

Nicci is a self confessed architecture nerd with experience in business, manufacturing and marketing before her first opportunity in town planning arose.  Once she had hands on experience in the industry she  knew it was the perfect fit.  Nicci started Tapir Design in March 2018 to create a planning and design firm that was client focused.  Nicci is currently completing tertiary study and is working towards being able to offer heritage consultancy in the future.  Nicci's skills in report writing, communication with clients, designers and Councils are very well established.  She works hard to build positive and cooperative relationships with Council planners and works hard on ensuring success for clients.  

Rachel Lawes // Town Planning Assistant

Rachel joined our team to assist Nicci in planning work including site investigations, planning research and report writing.  Rachel is an integral part of new projects and preparing completed designs for lodgement as well as working with the many external designers that use our services. 


Sharyn McConchie // Office Manager

Sharyn is adored by our clients and peers alike due to her warm and approachable nature and her commitment to service.  Sharyn's role is to support Nicci and the rest of the team with daily administration, planning and communication tasks.  Sharyn is the point of contact with Council and also completes our weekly client updates.  

Meagan Abaloz // New Client Support

Meagan is the first person many of our new clients will speak to at Tapir.  Meagan is responsible for introducing the business to new clients and to gather information about their projects.  Meagan assists in assessing new projects and to provide quotations to prospective new clients.  Meagan is down to earth, friendly and very helpful to clients and members of the team.

On top of our amazing team in-house we also work with a range of quality consultants and can connect clients with surveyors and arborists as well as heritage consultants.  By working with a quality group of professionals we are confident your project will run efficiently and without delays.

Our team is here to listen and help make your vision a reality!  To chat to the team get in touch today!