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Tapir Design is a dedicated team of building designers and planning consultants based in Frankston but working across Victoria.  

We are passionate about sustainability, affordable housing, high-quality infill development and planning advice on residential, rural and heritage projects.  We are particularly focused on quality residential infill projects within suitable areas with existing infrastructure; appropriate design responses in heritage areas; as well as land use, farming and development projects in country areas.  

 Tapir Design have qualified building designers in-house and have strong design principles.  We ensure that in residential projects especially; light, ventilation, and intelligent use of space are at the heart of our designs.  And of course, when working on a client led project we focus on your vision and getting the most out of your site.  We also focus on site context and ensuring that your new home/s will respect and enhance the character of the area.

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Our services range from the design of extensions and renovations through to multi-unit developments and apartment buildings.  We also have experience in commercial design and childcare centre design.  We approach each project thoughtfully, ensuring the best design outcome for you, your property and the neighbourhood.  With a holistic approach to design your home will not only be a joy to live in, but will also have a higher re-sale value.  

When designing for planning applications, we try and find a balance between the needs of the planning regulations and what works best for the site.  We have shown success in working cooperatively with Council planners to ensure your site is maximised in a positive way.  Our focus is on liveable, intelligent spaces with plenty of outdoor space with plenty of scope for landscaping.

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We provide honest, reliable and simple planning advice on a range of applications and projects.  We are happy to provide initial feedback on site potential (including pre-purchase) at no charge and simply like to help property owners understand their options.  

We have earned a reputation for the successful management of applications from change of use to residential and commercial development including heritage, rural and impact from multiple and often conflicting overlays.

We work hard on developing strong relationships with our clients and Councils so that we can work collaboratively on the best possible outcome for you and your project in an efficient time frame.

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